About us

No. 1 in Moldova in the export of frozen and canned vegetables.
10 thousand tons of finished products per year.
2021 – a new trademark „Mr. Harvi ” was launched.


OJSC "Factory of canned food for kids " - is a self enterprise with a rich history, which started in 1965.

Over the years the factory occupies a leading place in the industry, producing millions of canned food and juices for kids. After the collapse of the USSR, our factory went through the considerable hardship, but still managed to keep the traditions and even get a new life. The hardships have made us stronger: the experience and traditions of the factory have passed to a new level of quality and management.

Today, the open joint stock company "Factory of canned food for kids " - is a family business, which keeps up with the times. In 2011, the company launched a line for the production of quick-frozen vegetables, with a capacity of up to 10 thousand tons per year, starting with 2020, the "no-till" technology was introduced in order to minimize the impact on the soil

In 2021 we launched a new brand «Mr.Harvi», which inludes traditional quality and a modern aspect of our products.

Nowadays OJSC "Factory of canned food for kids " - is one of the largest factories in the Republic of Moldova with its own base for the production of quick-frozen and canned vegetables.

The cohesion of our team and adherence to traditions is reflected in the slogan of our company: "Healthy vegetables from honest hands".

Own fields

In total we have over 4 thousand hectares of land, a third of which are irrigated.

We carefully strive to offer our customers only high-quality natural products. That is why we only use our own land to grow vegetables.

State-of-the-art technology

The modernization of equipment and technological lines makes it possible to produce high quality products, preserve the beneficial properties and taste of vegetables, as well as meet the increasing consumer demands.

No-till soil cultivation system

No-till cultivation system, which means the limited use of fertilizers and reducing the impact on the soil, allows us to mantain soil biodiversity and brings us significantly closer to the cultivation of organic product.

Сlose-knit team

The employees of our company are professionals with vast experience, united by love for their own business and the idea of producing healthy products of high quality.

Quality assurance

The vertical integration system allows us to ensure large-scale production with a complete cycle. We control all stages: from the selection of seeds and fertilizers to cultivation, harvesting and processing. That is why we guarantee the stable quality and safety of our product.

We in numbers


thousand hectares

of fertile black soil


in the export

of frozen and canned vegetables in Moldova


thousand tons

of finished products per year


Dobran Igor Founder

Andrey Sadkovskiy Founder

Aleksandr Baragin General manager

Vera Martsevaia Chief technologist

Vasiliy Timotin Chief Engineer

Roman Gura Engineer

Dmitriy Kriminskiy Commercial Director

Artiom Dobran Development Manager

Yulia Lyashenko Foreign Economic Activity Manager

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